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Book keeping

UGS accountants is Xero certified accountancy practice. Our Xero bookkeeping services automate the analysis and reconciliation of your business transactions.

Some of the useful features of Xero bookkeeping software and integrated apps are:

Transform your workflow

There’s more to accounting technology than core software like Xero. There’s a whole world of apps that integrate with online accounting platforms to do some really smart work for you – and make your business more efficient.

Digital marketing and client communications

A new type of app allows you to create an entire marketing campaign in one single place and publish it everywhere at once, including through email and social media. This technology can even provide – or help you find – quality content to redistribute, so you don’t have to write original material every time.

The software then reports back on how the content performed – did people look at it, click on it, follow a link back to your site? And it can give you really smart suggestions about when to communicate with certain contacts, and what to talk with them about. It allows you to send timely, meaningful communications to clients and leads without spamming them.

Apps for digital marketing and client communications:



File management apps

Keep all your client documents online so you can jump in and make edits or send files from anywhere. Cloud storage really frees you from the office while saving you from the hassle of daily backups and server management. They allow you to pull client data straight from your business management software, so you can auto-populate documents with the information you need. And yes, the right app will allow you to open, read and edit both Google and Microsoft Office files.

Apps for file management:


Produce visual reports that clients actually understand

Despite all the work that goes into creating financial reports, they aren’t very well used by many businesses. Major insights are buried in tables of numbers that many small business owners struggle to interpret.

Charts and graphs have always been easier to understand, and now they’re easier to produce. Clever apps read data from accounting software and create visual reports in minutes. It’s a great way to understand your business.

Reporting apps:



Spotlight Reporting

Get into forecasting and help clients take the next step

Every business owner wants to know what’s coming. How much money will they bank this year? How much debt will they be able to repay? What investments will they be able to make? Creating these projections will give you a sense of control over your business’s future.

Many reporting apps have forecasting tools. They’ll sync with online accounting software and use either an existing budget or recent actuals as a starting point. From there you can build cash flow forecasts and create a variety of scenarios for the business. As fresh data comes into the accounting software, the forecasts will update. Consider creating some forecasts then schedule regular client catch-ups to track actuals versus budget throughout the year.

Forecasting accounting technology:



Spotlight Reporting

Be done with paper invoices and receipts

We know that clients really don’t like to hold onto receipts and invoices for business expenses, and many of them aren’t good at it. Records get lost all the time. With the right accounting apps, though, they can simply take a photo of them with their phone.

The app reads the info on the invoice, transcribes the data, and sends it into the client’s accounting software (along with the original picture). Our clients can also use this technology to look after their electronic invoices. They simply forward the invoice to the app which files the data for them. That’s a huge load off your client’s mind. It also saves staff from slogging through mountains of data entry at the end of the financial year.

Expense accounting apps:




Receipt Bank